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 Welcome to Secret Hauntings

Welcome to Secret Hauntings

I am Paul the Founder of Secret Hauntings.

Here at Secret Hauntings we like to help people when we can.

Earlier this year Secret Hauntings was contacted by Gentleman asking if we could help his sister tick one of the boxes on her bucket list. After having a telephone conversation with this Gentleman we agreed we could certainly help him.

So in June 2018 this Gentleman and his sister joined us on a team Investigation at Ramsey Rural Museum in Cambridge.

We are not just here to Investigate the Paranormal and help people who believe they are experiencing paranormal activity but also here to help people with wish / dream to do a Paranormal Investigation.


This is Chris and Julie they are brother and sister.

Chris contacted us and asked if we could help his sister Julie to tick of one of the things on her Bucket List.
This was to go on  a Paranormal Investigation with a team.
Secret Hauntings was happy to help as Julie had just celebrated her birthday.
Chris was very sceptical / non believer. Through out the investigation Chris and Julie both had some great personal experiences they both left the investigation with some good evidence and also Chris also admitted that that we had witnessed and heard on the investigation had made him want to do another investigation.

Everyone at Secret Hauntings really enjoyed taking these guest on the investigation and helping them to archive something they always wanted to do, but best of all on the night was to watch someone who did not really believe in Ghosts / Paranormal go home with a different view.