Secret Hauntings


     Paranormal Investigators 


the the About us : -

  Secret Hauntings was founded in 2013

We are a small team of Paranormal Investigators from all different back grounds, we do claim to be experts in the field. We all  have been investigating the paranormal for many years in other paranormal teams  before Secret Hauntings.
We Take all our investigations seriously and believe in what we are doing.

We do not investigate a venue just once but will investigate it several times including day investigations as well as night investigations this is to compare footage/evidence before we come to a conclusion and say if we believe  place has activity or not.

Whilst investigating we will use a lot of equipment and do experiments to see if we can get a reaction weather that be an object moving, a noise , a light anomaly or even a EVP.
 If we experience anything on an investigation we will always look to debunk it first and see if there is an rational explanation to what we have heard or seen.
As you are aware not everything is paranormal and if we find No evidence of anything paranormal we will say that we have found nothing especially if we have been asked to investigate a private residence as this will give the owner some closure.

We will investigate any property commercial or residential. If Secret Hauntings is asked for help we will do our best to help.

We only do team investigations but if we are asked to do a public event for a charity/fundraiser we will be happy to help. We do have Public Liability Insurance.

We also work with other small teams on investigations (private and Team) and we are Strong Supporters of PARA-UNITY

Please remember we are here to help even if it is only a phone call, but if unfortunately we are unable to help we will always try to help you find  some one who can.